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Summer Schedule
4-Week Painting & Drawing
Explore painting and drawing like never before! In these sessions artist create 2 large landscape drawings with watercolors and 2 canvas paintings!

Drawing & Watercolor

Create large scale drawings that we then watercolor on top of! Students will complete 4 large works!
For K-4th & 4-8th grade.

Portrait Drawing ​
Learn how to draw a face realistically in charcoal, color pencils, and soft pastels! For 2-8th grade.

Realistic Painting-Still life
Students will learn how the masters created realistic paintings! Students will learn about historic artworks as imagery, inspiration and application.
For 3-8th grade.

Abstract Art​​
Strap your apron on and get really to create amazingly cool textured paintings with 3D elements!
For K-4 & 4-8th grade.

Observational Drawing
Students, get ready for a drawing extravaganza! Learn to draw objects realistically in a myriadof drawing materials! This class is a challenge that will bring so much creative joy and results! 
For K-4 & 4-8th grade.